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We are the best IP Stresser / booter you can find on the market.


Some features about our system

Fast Transactions

With our infrastructure designed without using unnecessary codes and our API connection, we provide you with a split-second response.

Your safety is important to us

Stress tests are started from multiple places (dedicated servers) and cannot be monitored. Your privacy is safe with us, no logs are kept and all data is encrypted.

Our support team is with you 24/7

Our support is here to help you, if you need anything you can contact them.

Possibility of high power with our own special methods

Our ddos attack methods are capable of bypassing the latest protections.

Join us

A reliable Booter and Web Stresser, ran by experienced in DDoS area.We are capable of providing the best DDoS for hire service of the century with an attack power that will never seen in any other Stresser.


Free Package
€0 / Lifetime

Max. Stress Time: 60

Concurrents: 1

Premium Network:

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€25 / Monthly

Max. Stress Time: 360

Concurrents: 2

Premium Network:

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High Level
€45 / Monthly

Max. Stress Time: 560

Concurrents: 2

Premium Network:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stresser/booter ?

An IP stresser is a tool designed to test a network or server for robustness. The administrator may run a stress test in order to determine whether the existing resources (bandwidth, CPU, etc.) are sufficient to handle additional load.

How long does it take to activate my package?

IP Stresser offers automated services, after coinpayments declares the payment as "complete" it usually takes another 10-30 minutes for you to receive your purchased package.

What is the difference between Premium and Non-Premium?

Premium plans usually get an average of 60% more power than regular packages. Premium plans also gives customers priority support service. And they can use special methods prepared for Premium.

Can i share my account with a friend?

Based on IP Stresser terms and conditions, you cannot share your account or sell your account to anyone. If the system detects such an account, it will auto-ban the account and you will loose access to your package.

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